Business & Administration

Business & AdministrationBusiness & Administration


Benefits to the learner and employer

This Apprenticeship Framework is aimed at learners who are entering or who have moved into a career into Business & Administration. Training and development of skills and knowledge can be highly flexible depending on the function in which the Apprentice works, but can focus on areas such as:

  • Working Safely
  • Effective Communication
  • Business Law/HR
  • ICT Skills
  • Standard Administrative Skills
  • Customer Service and Planning
  • Sales & Marketing

This framework has a large array of optional units which allow for any type of office based work to be catered for.  Successful learners achieving this Apprenticeship take a wide variety of career pathways since such a broad base of business skills are developed.

The Advanced Apprenticeship is designed as a progression route or for more experienced people working in the office environment. Again the options are quite vast and therefore specialisms can be further developed or the Apprentice can gain a much more broad range of skills.

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