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The most common factor which causes employers to get disheartened and even in some cases “abandon” training programmes is simply the lack of planning and management. If this is missing, the employer is then in a situation of having to deal with a multitude of horrors such as unexpected staff difficulties, course direction not being consistent with employer objectives and sometimes a total lack of information about what the staff are doing and why. Sadly the result is that qualification certificates are only a piece of paper as the employer and sometimes even the staff directly involved, feel they have gained little or nothing at all from the programme. 

Account Management

With Valkyrie you get:

  • Course options mapped in line with your organisational needs
  • A clear delivery plan agreed with you and working around your operational needs
  • Quarterly reviews independent of the course tutors to seek your feedback and ensure that the programme is progressing as it should be
  • Regular visits from Quality Assurance staff to ensure that our course tutors are delivering the best possible quality
  • Regularly updated tracking reports supplied so that you are kept fully aware of the progress of your staff through their training
  • Additional specialist tutors brought in to support specific elements of Apprenticeships or bespoke courses
  • A fast and professional response in the event of any difficulties or concerns

This takes any stress out of the equation for an employer and in our opinion is the key to successful training programmes.

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