Meet The Team Profile - Claire Taylor


What made you decide to become a Tutor with Valkyrie?

I spent ten years working in the prison service delivering and managing resettlement programmes in a bid to support offenders back in to work. Whilst I loved the challenge and the opportunity to make a difference eventually I felt I also needed to broaden my horizons. After working for several large training providers I became a little frustrated with the corporate, non-personal approach and then I discovered Valkyrie and have never looked back. 

Why do you like working for Valkyrie?

My role as Operations Manager is demanding but my job is made easier as everyone I work with is 100% committed to their learners and our ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone who starts a qualification not only achieves but receives the best learning experience possible. This is the reason I love working for Valkyrie, because of the professionalism, team spirit, dedication to learners and the flexibility all of our staff offer to make sure our successes are as high as they can be.

What makes Valkyrie different to other training providers in your view?

Competition is rife and a small company like ours regularly has to fight against larger providers but we have a few lethal weapons to help us with this battle. We use our size as a strength, because we are smaller, we are able to offer tailored individual training solutions where we can make the qualification criteria fit the needs of the business’ we are delivering in so that the benefits to the company and the learning experience is maximised.

Our delivery team all have industry experience which enables us to relate theory into practice which captures the essence of work based learning at its best.

Above all though the major difference is the personal touch, there are always three key elements to our delivery; learner, Tutor and employer and that is the Valkyrie way, unfortunately not all training providers recognise the value in this approach.

What key advice would you give to someone thinking about training with Valkyrie?

Do it, you will not regret it. It can sometimes be daunting when embarking on a new venture but you will be supported every step of the way. All of the training is work based and will provide you with knowledge, further understanding and a nationally recognised qualification at the end of it. Our Tutors are dedicated to ensuring all of their learners achieve and enjoy their training so you will be in very good hands.

What have been the highlights of your time as a Valkyrie Tutor to date?

This is twofold for me as I have highlights from both of my roles, Operations Manager and Tutor. Let’s start with the Tutor role, there are many but the biggest one relates to one particular learner who started an ILM Level 3 Management programme just over a year ago and was pretty daunted by the whole prospect. He was fairly new to Management and as I started to introduce him to various management models and theories it was clear he felt completely out of his comfort zone. Seeing potential and a natural ability within him, I changed tact and ensured that everything I taught him was directly related to his industry and using some of his specific processes (which I had to read up on myself) we covered all of the unit criteria, generated brilliant evidence and before long he was able to apply the theory to practical work related situations which has improved his confidence and skill level but also his teams. He now manages a larger team, has recently led a huge quality audit and is now involved in more elements of the business. During a recent call, he said he never thought he had it in him, he always did, he just never had the opportunity to find it, until now of course.

As Ops Manager, there are many highlights but ultimately seeing the learner success rates continually rise has to be the definitive highlight. As this reflects the capability of the Tutors, the hard work and investment they have put in to their learners and it proves that our approach leads to achievement. Something I am very proud to be a part of.

What are your personal and professional aspirations?

I once read a quote that said, “Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it’.” This for some people is good enough but if you are anything like me and have a tendency to be overly conscientious (as I have been told on more than one occasion) enjoying something isn’t enough, you have to be good at something and make a difference, so my aspiration is to carry on working hard, aim high and make that difference.