Meet The Team Profile - Gary Partridge



What made you decide to become a Tutor with Valkyrie?

Having worked for various private training companies I have found that the smaller organisations care more about the learner. Although completion dates, retention and other business measures matter there has to be a focus on the learners needs and not just the numbers. It was evident right from my first interview that this mattered at Valkyrie. The larger providers tend to work as small individual business units, demographically or departmentally.


Why do you like working for Valkyrie?

The support that is given by all the team when problems arise. There’s a feeling of wanting to help each other achieve. I don’t think I’ve ever received so much marketable personal development and training anywhere else.Everyone talks to you. My colleagues are receptive to advice and willing to change if it means improving the process.


What makes Valkyrie different to other training providers in your view?

Many training providers talk of a learner focus, in my experience that’s not always the case, at Valkyrie it is. I know others are going to think that I’m biased towards Valkyrie but it’s true. Flexibility in the learning programme means I can adjust my delivery to suit my learners. You don’t have to choose specific units just because it makes it easier for us as the provider. The learner and business choose according to their needs.


What key advice would you give to someone thinking about training with Valkyrie? 

Do it.  You may not believe you are capable, you may not believe it’s worth it, but I bet you change your mind when you complete the course. The sense of pride and satisfaction when a learner achieves and thanks you for your help and support. They often don’t believe they can do it, but they did! I can affect people’s lives positively, how can that not be something worth working for.


What are your personal and professional aspirations?

I’m 53 years old, I have a family who are now achieving for themselves a house and a home, I’ve reached the point where my satisfaction and motivation is now achieved through personal development and the development of others because of what I do.

To hear “thank you for showing me I’m not just a number”, it’s unbeatable.

Oh, and to reduce my handicap to single figures, I’m allowed to dream.